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We are increasingly utilizing moving images to communicate both inside and outside our company. A consistent style is particularly important because a strong brand pays off; it underlies all our communications across all channels. 


Worlds of Curiosity 

Can You Feel It? – Company Video 

Social Challenges

Ode to the Future 


  • Be focused  
    Messages are shaped first and foremost by our brand core – “fascinating and vibrant science and technology.” This brand core also forms the focus of our moving images communications.

  • Be relevant 
    Good content is founded on a clear message that defines the content of the entire story in just a few sentences – or better yet, in a single sentence.

  • Be authentic  
    Credibility and authenticity are important for the consistent application of our tone of voice. Authentic characters and settings are key to persuasive communication in moving images.

  • Be emotive  
    The right choice of music creates significant value for every movie. Choose pieces that underscore the emotionality of your story.

  • Be stringent  
    A consistent image is particularly important to a strong brand, which is why all video content produced must also embody our brand identity.

  • Be creative 
    Find your own style and color combinations, but stay consistent throughout the whole movie.  



Our motion theory represents the foundation for moving images – alongside the motion principles. The theory explains how the movements and behavior of objects, editing, cuts, and transitions should appear and feel.

The theory is derived from our Brand Plus Model and consists of the following:  

  • General – the world under the microscope  
  • Our future – vibrant science and technology  
  • Our purpose – why we are here 
  • Our positioning – what we offer  
  • Our personality – who we are 
  • Our values – how we behave  


Just like our brand on its own, the motion design is inspired by science and nature. Our main theme is “the world under the microscope,” which is to be reflected in the moving images.


In motion theory, this means: 
Physically correctly adapted movements of objects correspond to the natural environment of users and viewers.  Microscopic views can be used as an inspiring source for the creation of connections between superior and inferior units.  


Our developments improve lives by making things quicker, easier, and better. We apply science and technology to create a world that understands people’s needs and enriches their day-to-day lives.

In motion theory, this means: 
Motion supports usability and understanding. Motion is clear and unmistakable.  


We are curious minds dedicated to the human progress and we deliver high-quality products.


In motion theory, this means: 
Motion inspires curiosity by opening up a world of possibilities in moving images. The movements of objects are precise and clear.  


We’re here to empower and help people that want to make a positive difference.



In motion theory, this means: 
The relationships between objects are clear and recognizable. The movements of objects orient themselves towards the user’s and viewer’s habits.  


Our intelligence is expressed through a balance of curiosity and precision and we are not afraid to go against the grain. Mitosis is one of our inspirations.


In motion theory, this means: 
The behavior and movement of objects are elastic and flexible. They are expressed in a unique, energetic, and vibrant way.


Our unique business culture leads to long-term positive relationships. We are courageous, respectful, responsible, and transparent in achieving long-term positive relationships.

In motion theory, this means:
Motion supports communication and understanding. Motion and design fit together seamlessly as one unit.   



The principles match seamlessly with the motion theory derived from our Brand Plus Model. This provides a good basis for the representation of the brand philosophy in the field of moving images. 

The motion principles interact and relate to each other – they work together as one unit. 

This means all principles work well with each other, but not all need to be applied at the same time. So they can and should be used in combination to complete the brand image.



For videos to meet our quality standards, all content must be of a certain caliber. We therefore have specific parameters for recording and distribution, which, unless otherwise specified, serve as the basis for all film production. 


For the recording of films please use a resolution of at least 1920 × 1080 px (Full HD) with a frame rate of 25 fps. For long films, you should use a resolution of 4K whenever possible. 


Although there are no constraints in terms of image format, the chosen format must still suit the respective content.  

Quicktime MOV  

  • Video: original resolution  
  • Codec: Apple ProRes 422 HQ  
  • Audio: PCM 48 kHz, stereo   

MP4 Ultra-HD/4K 

  • Video: 3,840 × 2,160  
  • Codec: H.264, 80 MBit/s  
  • Audio: AAC-LC, 128 kBit/s, 44,1 kHz, stereo   

MP4 Full HD  

  • Video: 1,920 × 1,080  
  • Codec: H.264, 18 MBit/s  
  • Audio: AAC-LC, 128 kBit/s, 44,1 kHz, stereo   


  • Video: 1,024 × 576  
  • Codec: H.264, 5 MBit/s  
  • Audio: AAC-LC, 128 kBit/s, 44,1 kHz, stereo   

MP4 Intranet  

  • Video: 1,920 × 1,080  
  • Codec: H.264, 3.3 MBit/s  
  • Audio: AAC-LC, 96 kBit/s, 44,1 kHz, stereo  



In a moving media buyout, all rights to video content are sold to us in exchange for a lump sum. In general, this can pertain to buyout  for voice artists, actors, music, graphics, and video footage.   

In the case of video content for us we recommend the following buyouts:   

Live action footage:  

  • Level 1: Two years in corporate media excluding TV and film  
  • Level 2: One year extension in corporate media excluding TV and film  
  • Level 3: One year extension in corporate media excluding TV and film   

Animated film:  

  • At least four years in corporate media excluding TV and film

The buyouts listed here are the ones usually pursued; for individual productions, however, they can be adapted as necessary to reflect regional constraints.  


When making a film, ensure that you comply fully with national statutes concerning personality rights and image copyrights. If you have any unanswered questions, you can consult the local legal team.


Regardless of the country where you are producing the film or animation and its original language, you always have to provide an English version as well, if it’s not in English already. This ensures that we are able to use the material internationally.

To produce an English version, the quickest and most cost-effective way is to prepare a second version of the movie with English subtitles. Another option is to dub the movie. 

To enhance the quality of segments involving professional speakers, we recommend recording a new soundtrack with an English-speaking voice artist.

Unless otherwise specified, the English version to be provided forms the basis for the generally applicable start and end frames. Please note that a special set of rules applies to videos intended for use in the US and Canada. You can find more information in our design basics.  

Different assets and guidelines for the U.S. and Canada
In the U.S. and Canada we operate under different business names. Different names mean different assets and guidelines – please take a look at our U.S. and Canada version of this page. 

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