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People on Facebook are looking for personal, emotional stories, testimonials, and stories about community involvement.

This channel is popular for driving engagement, which is why asking questions and using lots of visuals (including slideshows, animations, and videos) works well. Try to have fun on Facebook. If it’s not fun and interesting, people aren’t going to interact with our account.

Our channel on Facebook: 



There are multiple options for the cover – for Facebook you may use an image or video. Do not use our logo within this section as it might be cut in some viewports. All our brand images and videos can be found on our Media Asset Management System (MAM). Guidance on how to request access to the MAM System can be found in our MAM roomon EVA (intranet).

Access MAM

Profile Picture
Less is more. The profile picture consists of an Initial M and a solid background in our colors.


Important information about pictures, typography, colors, and templates are documented within the Social Media section. If you want to use templates, you can find them here

Good to know:
If a posted photo integrates text or graphic elements, it is highly recommended to save the picture in PNG format for a better visual quality 


Channel specifications
Channel and media specifications are changing constantly on Facebook. Have a look at the Facebook Business Help Center as a resource for tips, troubleshooting, and guides.
View Facebook Business Help Center (external link) 

Ad specifications
Facebook supports multiple advertising types across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. Check the external guides provided by Facebook, which outline the requirements for advertisements in each format and placement. 
View Facebook Ads Guide (external link)  

Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S. and Canada?

Then go to our Additional Information section and find specific social media information for creating deliverables for outside the U.S. and Canada here.


Using Company Brand Assets

Any use of Company Brand Assets is subject to our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (“Company”) is not allowed to use the trademark “Merck” in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, Company’s name may only be used in the following format “Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany” and in simple, non-stylized font and never close to any logo in the U.S. and Canada. 

If Company Brand Assets downloaded from the Brand Hub are to be used in or targeting the U.S./ Canada please make sure to comply with these requirements. As a registered Brand Hub user please visit the Brand Hub Logo Section for more detailed information.

If you legitimately share Company Brand Assets with other users, you must make sure that the sharing recipient is aware of these restrictions, our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions as well as any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. 

As the sharing recipient you must ensure with the person sharing the Company Brand Asset with you that you are complying with aforementioned restrictions as well as with any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. You are furthermore bound by our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

For any questions please get in touch with our Brand Help Desk.


By downloading the file you accept and agree to the above.


    Guiding you through the jungle of social media, its specifications and building assets to use in each channel. 

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    Our brand is our most important asset. With our unique and vibrant brand design, we differentiate ourselves positively from our competition.

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    Our narrative captures the true essence of our brand in words. Its purpose? To help us tell our story. 

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