Cooperations & 3rd Party


Entering a cooperation, global strategic alliance, or joint venture enables companies to benefit from each other’s strengths and capabilities.

Explanation of cooperation terms:

  • Cooperation
    Cooperation in general is a form of voluntary, intercompany collaboration by at least two companies while maintaining economic and legal independence.
    The goal-oriented cooperation aims to jointly achieve one or more higher-order objectives that can only be attained together. Such cooperation is typically performed on the basis of a cooperation agreement.
  • Strategic alliance
    This special type of cooperation is defined as an alliance of companies that are at the same level on the value-added chain. In a strategic alliance, two or more companies achieve a common objective.
    Partners in strategic alliances remain essentially independent after the alliance is formed. Cooperations of this type are generally intended for the short to medium term.
  • Joint venture
    This special form of cooperation involves an association for an unlimited duration between two or more independent partners to found a joint venture. This newly formed company performs all tasks related to the mutually agreed goals. For these reasons, we do not address joint ventures.

Four cooperation Scenarios


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