Equal Partner

Our Alliance with Pfizer

In November 2014, Pfizer and our company entered into a global strategic alliance that enables the companies to benefit from each other’s strengths and capabilities and further explore the therapeutic potential of avelumab*, an investigational anti-PD-L1 antibody initially discovered and developed by our company .

The alliance between Pfizer and our company is an alliance of equal partners. Thus, in the design of announcements, presentations, and publications, neither partner should visually dominate.

  • For joint materials, a neutral design with the appropriate logos in the same size and with the same prominence is used. In general, it is recommended that our Alliance with Pfizer materials utilize a combination of Pfizer Blue and “implementer’s choice” for our company’s color, choosing from our color palette.
  • The Pfizer logo is always positioned right of our EMD Serono logo.
  • The logos are never stacked and there always is a defined minimum spacing between them (here: Pfizer logo vertically oriented)

In the case of similar scenarios, please get in touch with branding@emdgroup.com for further guidance.

* Avelumab is the proposed nonproprietary name for the anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody (MSB0010718C).


For general information on our brand design we advise you to have a look at our design basics first. For more guidance please contact branding@emdgroup.com.


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