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Taking responsibility for our region
Demonstrating an active commitment to the community is integral to our image of itself as a corporate citizen. As part of the company's commitment to the area where it is located, our U.S./CAN businesses seek to help shape the surrounding region and to build and maintain long-term partnerships. A wide variety of sponsoring measures and donations form the foundation for acceptance and trust in the region. There are three levels of sponsoring, according to our U.S./CAN businesses’ weighting as a partner.

  • When acting as the main sponsor, our U.S./CAN businesses are displayed in the form of an illustration developed especially for the particular event, which should be developed in collaboration between the event organizer and the Brand Team, using a a string
  • It should be noted that the our respective U.S./CAN business’ name is placed prominently on a line by itself, and that Verdana is used, not the M-font. 
  • Our colors can be used for the colored background.
  • Our U.S./CAN business logos must always be displayed as well. However, they should appear separate from the illustration.  
Sponsored by...

  • The addition “Sponsored by” must be used as shown here. The vertical distance between our U.S./CAN business logo and the additive “Sponsored by” is half the height of the “M.” 
  • Our Verdana font is used for the text “Sponsored by” and shouldn’t be smaller than 6 pt font size. Please use black, white, or greyscale as the font color, depending on the background color.
  • Always make sure you choose one of our colors that stands out well. 

We are not the main sponsor

Logo placement of multiple cooperation partners: 

  • Size of a cooperation partner’s logo
    The partner logo must not be wider than our respective U.S./CAN business logo or, in the case of long names, not taller than it. Regardless of the dimensions of your application, never use our logo in a size smaller than 3 mm/16 pixels in height. Our U.S./CAN Business logo’s size follows the rules defined in logos.
  • Distance between logos
    The horizontal and vertical minimum distance between our U.S./CAN business logo and the cooperation partner’s logos is three times the height of the “M.”
  • Background color
    Please choose a suitable background color. Our U.S./CAN business logo and the cooperation logo should stand out clearly.
  • Logo color
    When showing our U.S./CAN business logo only, make sure that it appears in vibrant and rich colors. Never use sensitive colors for our logos. None of our colors take priority or have any specific meaning. In fact, it’s important that all the colors are used evenly across our identity to create variety. Always make sure you choose a color that stands out well and supports your message.


For general information on our brand design we advise you to have a look at our design basics first. For more guidance please contact branding@emdgroup.com.


The use of Merck as reference by third parties.

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    Our logos are the heart of our brand. They should always be displayed as prominently as possible.

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    Science is colorful and we are committed to a colorful future. This is also reflected in our brand.

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    Communication is key. We speak with one voice and tell our stories across all channels.

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