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1. Objective
The third-party reference policy defines criteria according to which our company’s business associates can use our company as a reference for promotional purposes or in a sponsoring context and make use of our business logo(s) in doing so. 

2. When our company can be used as a reference
Business associates may use our company as a reference for promotional purposes or in a sponsoring context:

  • if explicitly agreed upon in the corresponding agreements between our company and the respective business associate, or
  • if the business/group function/subsidiary that maintains business ties to the respective business associate can present reasons proving that the business associate is of significant importance to our company, its businesses, or individual subsidiaries.

The decision as to whether a business associate can use our company name or business logo(s) as a reference is made by the respective business/group function/subsidiary, however, any use of our name and logos must comply with our Naming Guidelines and the applicable design basics. Decision-makers must ensure that a corresponding written agreement is concluded on the details of the use of our business logo(s) as a reference. Therefore, LE-T Group Trademarks, Designs & Copyright needs to be contacted in order to draft the corresponding agreement, clause, annexe or statement as required. For this, please access LE4YOU and initiate a third-party reference request. Please note that the request can only be submitted by internal colleagues. 

3. Use of respective business logo(s) 
If the conditions set forth in 2. are met, then the business logo(s) can be used as a reference, for instance on the websites or in presentations of business associates. 

As a rule, only the respective business logos EMD Serono, Millipore Sigma, or EMD Electronics and not the “Vibrant M” are to be used. This also applies if the respective business associate works with individual company businesses. 

The use of the respective business logo by business associates must always comply with our Naming Guidelines and the applicable design basics.


Third-party requests to use our corporate logos (i.e. the company logo and the U.S. business logos EMD Serono, MilliporeSigma, and EMD Electronics) to make reference to collaborations with us can now be processed through Legal&Compliance4You (“LE4YOU”). The request can only be submitted by internal colleagues.



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