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We are proud to present our brand with all its vibrancy
As a vibrant science and technology company, the merchandise itself should be as colorful as our brand. High-quality, useable items will add value to our brand and will generate a greater level of brand awareness. We all have our little keepsakes – make the next one one of ours.

Quality is the key
Our merchandise should represent our company; therefore, all designs are based on our design basics, the quality should be appropriate, and the merchandising should be meaningful. However, there are a few additional things to keep in mind:

  • Is there a science and/or technology link to the merchandising item? 
  • Is there a country-specific cultural custom you need to keep in mind? 
  • Is it sustainable? 
  • Do you really need it? Before you order something cheap because you have a low budget, think about whether it really adds value to our brand.


There are, of course, some standard merchandising items such as notebooks, lanyards, and pins.

These might not be as interesting as a mini microscope for your mobile phone to discover a microcosm, but, in spite of this, you can make these simple things stand out with a great design and a big, bold, brief message. Inspire people and provoke curiosity! A nice slogan on the lanyard or a postcard that comes with the pin can create great brand awareness.  


In the U.S. and Canada we are known by our three business names - "EMD Serono” in Healthcare, “MilliporeSigma” in Life Science and “EMD Electronics” in the Electronics business. These businesses have their own logos including the respective descriptor which can be found on our logos section. If you talk about all our businesses in the U.S. and Canada in general, please use all three business logos.

For merchandise items produced for the U.S. and Canada please use the above-mentioned respective business logo(s). Please also add the respective descriptor on merchandise items whenever it is feasible, e.g. on greeting cards, notebooks and desk pads. If this is not possible due to the size of the item (e.g. limited space on pens or USB sticks) you can leave the descriptor out. Instead please put the respective descriptor on the instruction or package leaflet, if there is one.

Never create, use or distribute merchandise with the Merck logo or stand alone name in the U.S. and Canada. 

Furthermore, the products must fulfill the following criteria:

  • They should be useful and sustainable. 
  • They have to be brand-compliant. 
  • They should be vibrant and colorful. 
  • They have to be of good quality. 
  • They should be linked to science and technology.


We take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. And we know about the impact unnecessary spending has on our company. That is why we want to hand out merchandising items that serve a purpose and are compliant with our standards.


Have you created a new design for a merchandise item you want to produce but are not sure if it is brand-compliant? Let us support you in being more consistent.

Please send us your design for approval to  


    Entering a cooperation enables companies to benefit from each other’s strengths and capabilities.

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    Presenting ourselves: the strong brand design is our opportunity to tell our story in our way. 

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    Our brand is our most important asset. With our unique and vibrant brand design, we differentiate ourselves positively from our competition.

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