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Where feasible, a 3D Vibrant M sculpture can be placed outdoors.
The Vibrant M sculpture is designed to be used as a creative sculpture next to the entrances of HQ facilities or as a replacement option for “monument signs” (often used in the U.S. and Canada).


The Vibrant M should be positioned as follows:

  • Near the entrance of premium offices where a high number of visitors will pass through.
  • As a site marker for large and medium multifacility sites and offices.


  • If the Vibrant M is placed on a base or foundation which is in sight, the base should be neutral gray or concrete.
  • It is possible to use a ground spot to illuminate the Vibrant M (installation to be arranged locally).
  • These sculptures are made out of fiberglass and finished with a thick, hard coating. The core of the sculpture is made up of an aluminum frame which is connected to base plates.
  • Even though the sculptures are strong and can resist fairly strong impact, we advise not to use them in situations where there is a high risk of vandalism.
  • The designs shown here demonstrate the four approved color combinations.
Color codes


Type Height Width
VM1500 1,500 mm
(59.1 in.)
3,130 mm
(123.1 in.)

When to apply

Facility class recommended/allowed
M1 large multi recommended
M2 medium multi recommended
M3 small multi not recommended
L3 small lab not recommended
O2 medium offices allowed
O3 small offices not recommended
W2 medium warehouses allowed
W3 small warehouses not recommended


Information on the ordering process for external branding signage is available on EVA (restricted access). If you have questions or comments please contact our Brand Team.

Access EVA (restricted access)

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