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We were inspired by the shapes and forms found under the microscope in both science and nature – to create our own cells.

Cells are the big bold shapes we use in our identity to divide up pages, creating areas for content such as text and images. Cells are always fascinating and unusual in shape, and while they were inspired by microscopic objects, they are not simply illustrations of them. After all, plenty of scientific businesses already use this type of imagery.

Instead, we use interconnected illustrative shapes, sometimes organic, sometimes technical, that bring order and structure to applications and give our communication an appropriate look and feel. 

  • Cells are the beginning
    They are the foundation of building a distinctive layout.

  • Cells bring order
    They help organize and arrange design elements such as text and images.

  • Cells are big
    They are often so large that only a small part of the full illustration is visible. 

  • Cells are bold
    They can set the entire tone of a design through a vibrant color choice. 


The cell shapes we use range from organic to technical. With these five basic styles, a wide range of expression is possible. Still, it is useful to create new cell shapes from anything which inspires us.  
All cell design templates contain many cell shapes and are intended to be cropped into, using different parts at a time. The negative space between the cells is just as important as the cells themselves.  
If you choose to create new cell shapes, follow the principles set out by these examples, and send them for approval by our Brand Team to branding@emdgroup.com. After that, make them available to others by uploading them to our MAM.  


Cells are generally used on two levels: there are underlying cells (cyan in our example) and overlying cells (yellow). Either the overlying cells overlap the cells below, or the overlying cells are inserted into the underlying ones.

Overlapping cells

 Overlapping cells

Cell inserted into cells

 Cell inserted into cells 

Rules to remember

  • If cells are next to each other (in other words, on the same level), they must always be in the same color. 
  • Cells are filled with color and must never be used as a so-called outline element. 
  • Please use only one type of cell shape per page or item. 

The following detail images are examples to show how various arrangements may look – and also how they should not be used. 



Watch this brief explanatory video to see how to make best use of the Cell generator.

Please note: to enjoy the full functionality of the Cell generator, use the Google Chrome browser. Thank you!


Using Company Brand Assets

Any use of Company Brand Assets is subject to our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (“Company”) is not allowed to use the trademark “Merck” in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, Company’s name may only be used in the following format “Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany” and in simple, non-stylized font and never close to any logo in the U.S. and Canada. 

If Company Brand Assets downloaded from the Brand Hub are to be used in or targeting the U.S./ Canada please make sure to comply with these requirements. As a registered Brand Hub user please visit the Brand Hub Logo and Company Name Section for more detailed information.

If you legitimately share Company Brand Assets with other users, you must make sure that the sharing recipient is aware of these restrictions, our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions as well as any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. 

As the sharing recipient you must ensure with the person sharing the Company Brand Asset with you that you are complying with aforementioned restrictions as well as with any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. You are furthermore bound by our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

For any questions please get in touch with our Brand Help Desk.


By downloading the file you accept and agree to the above.


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