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No, it is not allowed to create new logos on a corporate level.

As you know the logo is the heart of our brand and because our brand and company is unique, we don't want to weaken its appearance by creating any new logos on a corporate level. This rule is not just a brand design appearance question, but also a trademark issue.

On which levels is it allowed to create new logos? 
The following overview of the company structure serves as a guide.


Not sure if your project is brand-compliant?

Our Brand Help Desk is at your service. They are happy to support you by checking your materials for brand compliance. Don’t hesitate to contact right from the beginning of a project, so you can avoid mistakes early on. Of course we do offer all information here on the Brand Hub as it is our single source of truth. But sometimes it just helps to have someone guide you or have a second opinion on your design. That ensures everything is executed on-brand.


What is allowed and what are the alternatives to creating a new logo? Our brand has a lot to offer.
Inspired by the world under the microscope, our brand offers various design elements, which you can use to create very unique and recognizable visuals and still be completely brand-compliant.

Brand recognition

There is no better recognition feature than a new logo? That is not exactly true.

The company logo is giving a clear corporate frame and reflects all the benefits of our strong corporate brand, as it is known to the world and what it stands for as a vibrant science and technology company. Creating a new logo means starting from scratch. Logos are usually used on a very small scale and always in the same way and place and have to follow a lot of restrictions. Why should you limit yourself to that? Use the full spectrum of our brand elements to create your own appearance within the brand and its benefits. If your goal is to create broad visibility, go big, not small, so even from afar it is recognizable.


Using a color set from our 12 brand colors
Colors are powerful! We do say use our colors equally however, if you decide on a color combination, that fits your purpose and uses it consistently it creates a clear visual bond. That is the easiest way to create familiarity.

Go to our colors section for more detailed information.


Using a cell design
 – use the already available building blocks.
Create a unique cell design out of our 5 cell types, there are so many possibilities to design a cell pattern that is useful and outstanding. You can create your own unique cells as well, please keep in mind to include the Brand Help Desk and get approval. 

Go to our cells section for more information.

String design

Using a string design – a way to highlight your communication

Our dynamic strings help you focus the attention on what is important. It can be applied playful and brings lots of energy. You can use a simple shape, the same string on various applications showing different parts of it and it is still recognizable.

Go to our strings section for more information.


An image says more than 1000 words
Using an image in our picture style that covers what you want to communicate, can be a very strong recognition factor.

Go to our pictures section for more information.

full fit image

Using a full fit image as visual recognition element
A full frame image that fits your content can be a very good recognition factor as well. Please make sure to select an image in our picture style. It is useful to select an image, that makes it possible to place your content on it, or has a calm background you could use.


Cut-out images can be very useful
They allow you various background options, you can either use a solid background color or cells design. Using a cut-out image in our picture style that covers what you want to communicate, might be the perfect option for your communication material.


Specific complex processes
An illustration could be the way for specific topics, that are not covered by the alternatives above and need to explain processes and context a simple logo alone cannot communicate at all. 

Go to our illustrations section for more information.


Icons – a simple add-on to your communication materials   
Using icons is a nice and budget friendly way to have some visuals for your specific communication topics, as general motifs are available on our Brand Hub and can be used to emphasize your contents topics and categories. Icons visualize what your communication is all about as simple as possible without any big efforts. Usually they are used in digital tools and applications smaller in size as illustrations.

Of course you can create your own icons, but please make sure to apply our icons guidelines and send them to our Brand Help Desk for approval before distribution. We are happy to let our icon pool grow and share your new approved icons on our Brand Hub.

Go to our icons section for more information.

Creating new logos vs. key visuals

Instead of a logo, create a captivating key visual as an eyecatcher.

Sometimes it is just not enough to have a general recognition and you want to have an eyecatcher for what your project is all about.

Exception: our subbrands
To find out if your purpose is eligible for creating a new subbrand go to our subbrands.


As digitalization is continuing to grow, so are tools, apps, and interfaces. Please always make sure that our logos come first and get the logo position. You are free to brand your tools with our brand elements. If no customization is possible or only minimal customization, like placing our logos please make sure they are safe and clearly visible and not altered in any way e.g. distorted, cut, warped. Please choose a contrasting color to the background.


A well-designed key visual can be applied cross-media in many different sizes and applications. The look-and-feel should be coherent through all applications. The motifs may vary and can be adapted to the different needs of each application but the key visual design should stay recognizable.

It’s in the details

Whether it’s okay to create an individual visual appearance within our corporate frame is often not a plain “yes” or “no” question. Also, if the specific visual is brand compliant or not really depends on details. In many cases it might just come down to the execution and simply increasing the size of an illustration as well as moving it from a corner into the center of your layout can turn a “logo” into a “key visual”. While our logo has a defined size, position and clear space you are much more free in the application of a visual. Find some examples below that illustrate some of the details to look out for when developing your layouts.

Please make sure to contact to discuss your specific project.


Best Practices

    Science is colorful and we are committed to a colorful future. This is also reflected in our brand. 

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    We are a vibrant science and technology company. What does that mean? 

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    Our logos are the heart of our brand. They should always be displayed as prominently as possible. 

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