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A subbrand is a brand that is subordinate to our business logos, and which never appears as a stand-alone logo. Subbrands are always displayed with our business logos. They can only be created for internal projects, bodies, offices, or units outside the usual business structure. 


Inspiring initiatives 
We do not allow other logos besides business or product logos. In order to still give our subbrands the right amount of visibility, we combine the name with a Vibrant M. If you want to add a unique flavor to your subbrand, you should create a new Vibrant M for it, inspired by the purpose of the activity. For further details, see Vibrant M

  • The size of the Vibrant M should be at least twice the size of the M in our business logo. These two should always be used together in a layout, see Using a Subbrand below.
  • The name and subtitle (if any) of the subbrand is typeset in Verdana and aligned flush left to the right of the M. Never use the M-font for the name of the subbrand.
  • The distance between the M and the text is one-tenth of the width of the M. 
  • Divide the height of the M into six to give you the eight main baselines for the subbrand text plus one boundary line at the top. Please add – in a space one-sixth of the M height – two more baselines at the bottom. Place the subbrand text within this baseline grid. With very short names, the font size can be increased. The lines act as a guide. 
  • The colors used for the name of the subbrand are the same as the corresponding Vibrant M. A maximum of two colors are used for the name.
  • If you need to have more impact for your subbrand, place it on a contrasting background or use cell shapes to emphasize it. 
  • Note that the use of subbrands in e-mail signatures is not permitted. For guidance regarding e-mail signatures, you can skip to our Corporate Branding.  

Before using any new subbrand, please get approval from the Branding team: 

Using a Subbrand

A subbrand must always be used in conjunction with on of our logos. 
It should be placed as far as possible from the business logos. For further information on the logo positioning, please have a look our logos section.  If it is not possible to use a business logo and a subbrand, one of the business logos must be used. 


Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S and Canada?

Then go to our Additional Information section and find specific subbranding information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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