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Whenever and wherever the power of vibrant science and technology is strongest, its energy becomes so incredible that it can no longer be ignored. This is when we use M-crobes – large three-dimensional objects born of our brand identity – to demonstrate how powerful our usually invisible work can be on the world.
M-crobes are a physical expression of our brand. They provide an opportunity to create diverse and innovative experiences for our customers and partners that are distinctive of our brand. They express our culture of exploration and discovery.  
Please use the preconfigured M-crobes. If you develop new M-crobes, get approval from branding@emdgroup.com and make your M-crobe available to others. Please always ensure that the forms are abstract. As M-crobes are a metaphor for our company, they should never look like a bad organism such as a virus.  



M-crobes brighten up our world. They pop up unexpectedly and can be found anywhere and everywhere: a piece of street furniture that invites you to interact and puts a smile on your face; a sensory pod with an audio feature that tells our story to anyone who ventures inside; or a children’s playground that encourages exploration and discovery. 

M-crobes are a driver of ideas and a metaphor for everything our brand stands for. Use them in a diverse way to entertain, amuse, educate, tell stories, and provide shelter. Use them to add interest or serve a practical function. 

However you choose to use them, go for the unpredictable and create surprise and delight. But most importantly, enjoy them. 



M-crobes used in photography demonstrate our passion for science and technology. We digitally incorporate M-crobes into the images of our people. 


M-crobes are an excellent metaphor for innovation. You can therefore always use them as symbols if you have something to say about fundamental new developments or to draw attention to advancements made through our products or our knowledge. They are also ideal for symbolizing the result of an innovation. 


Three-dimensional M-crobes are ideal for positioning in a physical space. They are surprising and introduce our brand into the surroundings in an artful way. 

You do not always need to use our predefined M-crobes for this purpose. An interestingly shaped lampshade or armchair can also have the look and feel of a M-crobe. 


M-crobes are ideal for use in virtual worlds. For example, they can be used in augmented reality applications to symbolize the use of our products. They are also very eye-catching when used as moving elements in animations. 



A M-crobe’s surface should feel smooth and appear artificial. Don’t use textures or shaders that make the M-crobe look like a realistic object. In the following sections, you can find some guidance on selecting the M-crobe’s material. Please keep in mind that the overall appearance of the M-crobe should always be in line with its application and usage. Depending on the lighting situation, here are two shader styles that work very well: 

Flad Shader
This shader style creates a very matte M-crobe with diffuse reflections. Select either one rich or one vibrant color for the diffuse channel. You can use this style in environments with no direct light sources. 

Glossy Shader
This shader lets the M-crobe shine. Choose either a rich or a vibrant color for the diffuse channel. In the next step, choose the corresponding sensitive color from the same column and add it to the specular channel. You can use this style in environments with direct light sources.


We developed a simple light setup to make the M-crobes shine in any situation. They need to be well illuminated and the shadows should be very soft. Additionally, M-crobes don’t mind being in the spotlight – small spotlights add a touch of dynamism. Use this light setup to ensure a consistent level of quality. Let’s take a look in detail: 


Integrating the M-crobes into real-life footage can be a challenging task. Here are some things to consider: 

Consider the scene
If the M-crobes are close to surfaces, they must cast a soft shadow. You should also check if the scene includes reflective surfaces close to the M-crobe. If so, make sure the M-crobe is reflected realistically. 

Consistent level of quality
The M-crobe needs to adapt to the quality of the footage. For instance, if the footage has been taken in low resolution or is noisy, the M-crobe also has to be of low resolution or noisy too. Otherwise, it won’t harmonize with the footage.

To get the most realistic results, use the footage as an HDR image for illuminating your M-crobe. And always use the light setup described on this page and adapt it to the specific situation.


If you want to integrate the M-crobes into moving images, you have to decide between 2D or 3D tracking. If the camera is steady or moving only slightly, you should use a 2D tracking method. Otherwise a complete 3D tracking method is necessary.



Using Company Brand Assets

Any use of Company Brand Assets is subject to our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (“Company”) is not allowed to use the trademark “Merck” in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, Company’s name may only be used in the following format “Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany” and in simple, non-stylized font and never close to any logo in the U.S. and Canada. 

If Company Brand Assets downloaded from the Brand Hub are to be used in or targeting the U.S./ Canada please make sure to comply with these requirements. As a registered Brand Hub user please visit the Brand Hub Logo and Company Name Section for more detailed information.

If you legitimately share Company Brand Assets with other users, you must make sure that the sharing recipient is aware of these restrictions, our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions as well as any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. 

As the sharing recipient you must ensure with the person sharing the Company Brand Asset with you that you are complying with aforementioned restrictions as well as with any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. You are furthermore bound by our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

For any questions please get in touch with our Brand Help Desk.


By downloading the file you accept and agree to the above.


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