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Welcome to the BioReliance® portfolio brand pages. Here you can find guidance on delivering every aspect of the BioReliance® brand.
Every brand is made up of a mixture of elements, ranging from the abstract (e.g. personality, essence, tone of voice and conceptual expression) to the functional (e.g. logo, colors, branding elements). These elements all play a vital role in building brands that create trust and loyalty with our customers.

If we think of a brand as a person, what makes that person individual is what they stand for (their purpose), the way they communicate and the way they appear. We must make sure each of these characteristics appear in our brands. This includes everything you need to know to ensure every communication truly reflects the BioReliance® brand.

Our Customers’ world

In order to build a successful brand, we first need to understand who we need to convince and excite. BioReliance® services are used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, across a broad range of business models and roles.

So why do they choose the BioReliance® brand?

Bringing recognized expertise in pharma and biopharma, the BioReliance® portfolio supports customers at every stage – from biopharmaceutical characterization and safety testing, to process development and clinical and commercial manufacturing.

CEO Of Early-Stage Biotech Company (a. k. a. The Entrepreneur)
Meet Marcus. He needs a highly responsive partner to help expedite the commercialization of his scientific discovery into a highly competitive market.

  • University Professor with IP rights to a novel molecule
  • Operating with a very small start-up team
  • Needs support to supply pre-clinical drug products and execute pre-clinical studies to establish proof of concept
  • Needs engineer services to help design and construct full scale manufacturing processes
  • He is competing in a crowded and aggressive marketplace that demands speed, flexibility and confidence in their partners

Marcus needs to know that key aspects of his discovery’s journey are in expert hands.

What does the BioReliance® brand bring to his world?
Manufacturing and regulatory mastery.

Head of Manufacturing (a. k. a. The Orchestrator)
Meet Arnold. Quality, value and partnership are important to him.

  • A successful process scientist responsible for services and expertise that support the production of molecules
  • Works in a highly regulated environment and needs to stay up-to-date with the changing landscape
  • Judged on meeting very high-quality standards and demanding delivery schedules
  • Competes to win new molecules for the department in a highly competitive, large pharma company environment
  • Needs a partner to support and drive cell banking and viral vector production
  • Needs process validation services to ensure lot release safety and compliance
  • Needs to outsource drug product characterization to confirm that processing decisions are not affecting the quality and efficacy of the molecules being produced
  • Collaborates with other stakeholders in quality control, regulatory, process development and senior management to ensure their requirements are considered

Arnold needs to know the projects he outsources will deliver the highest quality outcomes and a good return on investment. He needs a vendor he can collaborate with and rely on for in-depth expertise and industry knowledge.

What does the BioReliance® brand bring to his world?

Expert partnership.


For developers and manufacturers of innovative medicines with mission-critical capability or capacity needs, the BioReliance® brand is your guiding partner for confidence at every step that offers complete expert outcomes because:

  • Our unique expertise paired with our regulatory and operational excellence help minimize risk throughout the entire scientific and regulatory journey, to accelerate the process of bringing life-changing drugs to market;
  • Our proven, broad portfolio of services in pharma and biopharma is founded on our deep understanding of manufacturing processes allowing us to flexibly meet the needs of a wide customer base;
  • We build long-term partnerships spanning from drug discovery to commercialization through our consistent quality, service and support, and our industry-leading knowledge.

The BioReliance® brand essence is complete expert outcomes.

OUR Elevator Sell

“Bringing safe new treatments to market requires an adaptive partner with specialist expertise.
That is why we offer the BioReliance® portfolio – a partner for you through every step, from drug discovery to market approval, with our broad portfolio of biopharmaceutical characterization, safety testing and process development, as well as clinical and commercial biomanufacturing. Our experienced teams, paired with our operational expertise and deep regulatory understanding, help you minimize risk at every step of your process. 
We are the partner who supports you all the way – with your vital goal in mind.”

Or if you need a shorter version:

“The BioReliance® portfolio encompasses biopharmaceutical characterization, safety testing and process development, as well as clinical and commercial biomanufacturing. Our experienced teams and operational expertise make us the partner who supports you all the way and always has your vital goal in mind.”

Our Personality

Speaking With Authority

The personality of the BioReliance® brand is that of an expert partner. This means that we collaborate with customers and guide them with our knowledge.
That means speaking in a tone of voice that is:

  • Assured and informative
    Mentioning our experience and expertise, but without being boastful
  • Forward-thinking and open
    Showing that we understand customers’ specific needs and what we can help them achieve
  • Supportive and collaborative
    Reflecting working together towards a shared goal.

How do we ensure we speak consistently?

See corporate tone of voice.


We convey expertise and service

Our key messages for the BioReliance® offer are divided into three key clusters based on the brand’s attributes and our understanding of customer needs:

  • Guiding partnership
  • Risk-minimizing expertise
  • Exactly the service needed

We have also created a phased approach to the messaging, which you can see here below. It is sequenced to begin with the fundamentals and then evolves up to the higher order benefits of the BioReliance® brand.


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Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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