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Illustrations are visually appealing, but they also serve a more practical purpose. In our world, this instrument is particularly helpful for simplifying high-level concepts or technical processes, and are often used in place of photography to convey information in the clearest way possible. Illustrations are only effective if they align with and support our brand expression. To make sure that all of our drawings feel uniquely like our brand, follow these principles outlined below:

Be Careful With Color

Try to limit illustrations to two to four colors. We always prefer to use our own color palette for any illustrations, but, in certain instances, we can make exceptions for clarity. For example, if the subject would be difficult to identify if drawn in a brand color, it would be acceptable to use another one outside of our palette. However, in general, stick as closely as possible to the preapproved palette.

Stay Flat
Don’t use shading or visual effects and keep all graphics simple.

No Outlines

Avoid outlines around shapes when ever you can. Instead, use areas of color alone, without excessive detail.

We will outline the illustration guidance for Life Science branding. For general information see our corporate guidance for Illlustrations.


Illustration Styles

This guideline distinguishes between two illustrations styles – editorial and scientific. They serve two different purposes and therefore look different.


Editorial illustrations are emotive and abstract. Often used to express a big idea, they are particularly helpful when a photo cannot fully capture the concept that written content conveys. They frequently appear alongside body copy and help enhance the text by allowing for more brand expression.

This revised editorial illustration features vibrant colors and geometric-esque figures with rounded corners to reflect the look and feel of our brand. With these alterations, we create visual consistency and are able to infuse more brand expression into our illustrations.


Scientific illustrations are used to help explain procedures and methods that may be too complicated to write out. These typically feel exact and precise in nature, and have to be detailed in order to effectively convey complex information in a clear-cut way.


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    Memorable and meaningful: our illustrations tell complex stories in a simple way.

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