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In the world of science, infographics play a key role. These tools allow us tell a larger story – one that uses numbers, figures and facts to help validate our words. Because infographics are used so frequently within our industry, it’s important that we also use them correctly, clearly and consistently. Below, we explain the best practices to follow when designing an infographic. In most of our design elements, our brand shines through loud and clear. But sometimes, preserving the integrity of the information found in tables, graphs and diagrams is more important than making them consistent with our visual style. We have three levels of infographic brand expression:

  • No brand expression
  • Incremental brand expression
  • Complete brand expression

We will outline the infographic guidance for Life Science product portfolio branding. For general information see our corporate guidance for Infographics.


Complete Brand Expression

There are times where we can take more artistic liberty with our infographics. Especially when the data is new, it can often benefit from a visual scrub to help it feel more on-brand. Here, we can either create an infographic from scratch or revise a current one so that it adheres to our own design principles. In these scenarios, steer clear of using shadows or 3D effects, and use our pre-existing color palette whenever possible.

We apply complete brand expression when:

  • We have an ideal scenario for a branding opportunity
  • Data is new or revised
  • Existing information is easily transformable
  • Existing infographic is easily transformable and the new rendering does not sacrifice the clarity of the information or data

Example: Round Flow Chart

Below, figures in the original flow chart are completely altered to align with our visual style. Four distinct arrows become one unified ring that is simple, bright and clear – just like our brand. A box with rounded corners can also serve as a background, helping to make the infographic stand out even more.

Incremental brand expression

In certain cases, we have more flexibility with how we present our data. Here, we can make a few slight changes around elements like color and type, so that our infographics appear more in line with our brand expression.

We apply incremental brand expression when:

  • Existing infographics may be complex
  • A radical visual shift of a familiar infographic may feel like misrepresentation of the original information

Example: Chart With Photo

In the revised example below, a vibrant box with rounded corners has been added as a background behind the graph. This addition reflects our brand and makes the information easier to read, while maintaining the integrity of the DNA photo.


Further Examples

In the revised infographics below, straight lines help simplify presentation of the data – making the labels and information easier to read. Avoiding gradients and using flat shapes also increases clarity. Our brand colors make it feel more in line with our visual expression.


We often receive complex data directly from members of the scientific community. In these scenarios, infusing brand expression into an infographic may distract from its actual content. To make sure these visuals are as credible as possible, we avoid making any alterations. We avoid brand expression when:

  • Original information style may be iconic
  • Visual representation of information is proprietary
  • We need to maintain the integrity of scientific representation (when placement and proportions of information is key)
  • Original artwork does not exist (for example, when we’ve received an image as a PDF or other noneditable file)

In this example, incorporating brand expression could compromise the integrity of the infographics. To maintain their credibility, we have not made any changes to these scatter plot charts below.

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