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Welcome to the Milli-Q® portfolio brand pages. Here you can find guidance on delivering every aspect of the Milli-Q® brand.
Welcome to the Milli-Q® brand handbook, which provides guidance on every aspect of the Milli-Q® brand. The mission of the Life Science business of MilliporeSigma is to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community, accelerating access to solutions that improve health for people everywhere. To help fulfill this mission, we have a portfolio of six brands, each with their own specialist expertise. Each brand has a distinct identity, while remaining part of the same family.

Every brand is made up of a mixture of elements, ranging from the abstract (e.g. personality, tone of voice) to the functional (e.g. logo, colors). These elements all play a vital role in building brands that create trust and loyalty with our customers.

If we think of a brand as a person, what makes that person individual is what they stand for (their purpose), the way they communicate and the way they appear. We must make sure each of these characteristics appears in our brands.

Our Customers’ world

Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions are widely used in the research, pharma/biopharma, food and beverage, and environmental industries, with lab managers and analytical chemists responsible for selecting their products.

So why do they choose the Milli-Q® brand?

The impact of impure water can be highly disruptive, costing precious time and money. That’s where Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions come in. Milli-Q® products are the gold standard of purification, offering a unique and unrivalled combination of water purification and monitoring solutions.

Research Scientist (a. k. a. The Constantly Curious)
Meet Michaela, who’s always looking to solve problems and advance her research.

  • A postdoc in France
  • Frequently collaborates with colleagues around the world
  • Relies on supplies from global collaborators that are vital,
    limited and precious
  • An active member of several scientific forums
  • Seeks new technology to ensure consistent analysis

There’s no room for failure or inefficiency. Every minute she spends in the lab is valuable. She is looking for new products and solutions to make her work better, quicker and simpler.

What does the Milli-Q® brand bring to her world?

Purity for focus.

QC Scientist (a. k. a. The Check Point)
Meet Leo, whose work at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility has a direct impact on public safety.

  • A trained analytical chemist
  • Responsible for routine analytical tests on finished products
  • Maintains the water purification system
  • Must follow standard operating procedures
  • Reviews vendors to ensure they meet quality and regulatory requirements

Leo needs peace of mind that the products and equipment he is using are high quality, and that the work he’s doing is robust and reproducible with minimal errors.

What does the Milli-Q® brand bring to his world?

Purity for safety.

Our Positioning statement

The purpose behind purity
Who are our customers and why do they value us?
For research and applied scientists who value purified water as a critical component of their work...
the Milli-Q® brand is the leading, trusted provider of holistic lab water solutions...
that focuses on lab water so that you are empowered to focus on doing work you are proud of...

  • Our lab water systems are designed for the highest quality and undergo rigorous validation to ensure our customers have robust and long-term solutions for consistent water quality over time
  • We continually focus on bringing our customers advanced innovations so that they can work as efficiently and sustainably as possible
  • Our scientist-to-scientist approach builds responsive and supportive partnerships that continue far beyond the point of purchase.

The Milli-Q® brand essence is purifies for purpose.

Our Elevator Sell

How do we describe who we are and what we stand for?

“In any life science lab, the quality and purity of water directly correlates with the accuracy of experiments. That is why MilliporeSigma created the Milli-Q® portfolio of lab water solutions that takes care of all your needs, letting you focus on your vital work.
Milli-Q® solutions are backed up by consistent quality and full compliance, and work seamlessly together to minimize wastage of precious space, time and funds in your lab.”

Our Personality

How does the language we use affect how people perceive us? 
The personality of the Milli-Q® brand is that of an honest ally. We are a dependable partner to our customers, fully focused on lab water so they don’t have to be.
We speak in a tone of voice that is:

  • Committed and focused
    We are dedicated to delivering lab water solutions of the highest quality
  • Trustworthy and dependable
    We offer unrivaled support
  • Welcoming and warm
    We have empathy for our customers’ quest to achieve their goals

How do we ensure we speak consistently?

See corporate tone of voice.


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