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Welcome to the Millipore® portfolio brand pages. Here you can find guidance on delivering every aspect of the Millipore® brand.
Every brand is made up of a mixture of elements, ranging from the abstract (e.g. personality, essence, tone of voice and conceptual expression) to the functional (e.g. logo, colors, branding elements). These elements all play a vital role in building brands that create trust and loyalty with our customers.

If we think of a brand as a person, what makes that person individual is what they stand for (their purpose), the way they communicate and the way they appear. We must make sure each of these characteristics appear in our brands. Our digital Brand Hub includes everything you need to know to ensure every communication truly reflects the Millipore® brand.

Our Customers’ world

In order to build a successful brand, we first need to understand who we need to convince and excite. Millipore® products are widely used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical discovery, development and manufacturing, and in clinical, diagnostic, food and beverage and other testing applications. While a local procurement department typically identifies a number of key suppliers to choose from, lab and manufacturing staff ultimately select a product.

So why do they choose the Millipore® brand?

Our close customer collaboration and innovative technology enable us to continuously lead the industry and set standards. We have built a reputation for delivering high quality, reliable, time-tested products and processes. Our extensive industry experience, regulatory and application expertise are what sets us apart and are relied on by our customers all over the world.

Manufacturing Engineer (a. k. a. The Facilitator)
Meet Brendan. Every day he deals with complex problems and turns concepts into reality. Brendan wants to ensure compliance and to consistently meet the highest standards for quality and performance.

  • Keeping up-to-date with regulatory information and standards 
  • Ensuring production schedules are met
  • Validating process changes
  • Balancing production schedules of multiple products and intermediates
  • Monitoring back orders of raw materials to minimize delays to manufacturing schedules 
  • Collaborating with other stakeholders in quality control, regulatory, process development and senior management to ensure their requirements are met

Brendan needs to stay ahead of developments in his industry. He is always looking for new ways to reduce risk and make his process more robust and efficient. He seeks a long-term partner he can collaborate with and rely on for in-depth expertise and industry knowledge.

What does the Millipore® brand bring to his world?
The understanding facilitating partner.

QC Manager (a. k. a. The Certifier)
Meet Louise. In her role, at a large food and beverage testing facility, she needs ‘peace of mind’ that the products and equipment she is using will perform reliably and consistently day after day, and that the work she’s doing is accurate and reproducible.

  • Undertakes quality control of process parameters, raw materials intermediates and finished products
  • Conducts microbiological safety testing
  • Develops procedures that follow industry best practice
  • Reviews vendors to ensure their products and services meet the specifications she needs and comply with regulatory requirements

Louise needs access to time-tested products and equipment to give her confidence she can meet demanding project schedules. She requires a partner who can give her guidance on product protocols, regulatory expectations and keep her up-to-date on industry best practices.

What does the Millipore® brand bring to her world?

The dependable technology expert.

Process Developement Scientist (a. k. a. The Optimizer)
Meet Lisa. Her priorities are product quality, reducing risk and ensuring compliance, consistency, scalability, reliability and efficiency.

  • Regularly reviews current processes to ensure they are working optimally 
  • Creates new product and process specifications and protocols from the experimental process developed by R&D, that are then transferred to manufacturing 
  • Works with Procurement to source and compare vendors’ product/service options and identify which will work most efficiently and cost-effectively 
  • Must work to tight deadlines while ensuring all processes are robust and safe 

Lisa needs easy availability and on-time delivery of development materials to meet her project timelines and a trusted expert who can support her if she runs into a problem.

What does the Millipore® brand bring to her world?

The trusted expert partner.


For customers who value proven expertise and consistent high performing products they can depend on. The Millipore® brand offers an integrated ecosystem of products and services across the areas of preparation, separation, filtration, and monitoring that offers proven products inspired by technology because:

  • Our proven industry expertise and regulatory know-how enables us to design and manufacture standard-setting products that work better together and which are compliant, easy to use, and ensure product and process safety
  • Our world-class manufacturing processes and rigorous product qualification ensure our solutions are consistent, reliable and efficient, every time
  • Our innovative technology, smart product designs and customer collaboration enables us to provide solutions to solve customer challenges

The Millipore® brand essence is proven products inspired by technology.

OUR Elevator Sell

Consistently explaining who we are and what we stand for helps to build understanding with all audiences. Our elevator sell is one tool we can use to do this. You can edit the language depending on the context, but keep the idea the same.

“We understand that in bringing products to market, safety, reliability, consistency and compliance are critical for you. That is why the Millipore® portfolio, a MilliporeSigma brand, offers a complete ecosystem of standard-setting and industry-leading products and services, spanning preparation, separation, filtration and monitoring – all of which are deeply rooted in quality, reliability, and time-tested processes.”

Our Personality

Every word fills them with confidence.

The personality of the Millipore® brand is that of a proven problem solver. This means that our customers can rely on us to provide time-tested solutions that help them achieve their goals, every time.

That means speaking in a tone of voice that is:

  • Warm and welcoming

    Using language that is relevant to our customers and avoiding
    corporate jargon; trustworthy and dependable
  • Curious and engaging

    Using eye-catching visuals, headlines and other copy elements.
  • Credible and knowledgeable
    Connecting features and attributes with customer needs.

How do we ensure we speak consistently?

See corporate tone of voice.


Dedicated to making every story a success

Our key messages for the Millipore® offer are divided into three key clusters based on the brand’s attributes and our understanding of customer needs: ‘collaborative and customer-focused problem solvers’, ‘proven experts that enable industry-standard setting solutions’ and ‘proven high-quality products and services that enable everyday efficiency’.


Priority Messaging & Audience-Specific Proof Points
Audience focus: Offering a comprehensive portfolio of standard setting, high performing product and supply solutions that are easy to use, save time and lab space and make customers’ day to day work run smoother and faster


Priority Messaging & Audience-Specific Proof Points
Audience focus: Combining customer focus, regulatory and application expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of consistent, high performing best–in-class products that set standards for ease of use, performance and risk mitigation


Priority Messaging & Audience-Specific Proof Points
Audience focus: Combining comprehensive portfolio of best–in-class products that are easily accessible and delivered on-time, and with good documentation, from proven industry experts who help their clients minimize risks and meet their goals


Using Company Brand Assets

Any use of Company Brand Assets is subject to our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (“Company”) is not allowed to use the trademark “Merck” in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, Company’s name may only be used in the following format “Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany” and in simple, non-stylized font and never close to any logo in the U.S. and Canada. 

If Company Brand Assets downloaded from the Brand Hub are to be used in or targeting the U.S./ Canada please make sure to comply with these requirements. As a registered Brand Hub user please visit the Brand Hub Logo Section for more detailed information.

If you legitimately share Company Brand Assets with other users, you must make sure that the sharing recipient is aware of these restrictions, our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions as well as any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. 

As the sharing recipient you must ensure with the person sharing the Company Brand Asset with you that you are complying with aforementioned restrictions as well as with any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. You are furthermore bound by our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

For any questions please get in touch with our Brand Help Desk.


By downloading the file you accept and agree to the above.

Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S. and Canada?
Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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