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Brand Execution

Today, we have six truly exciting portfolio brands, collectively providing over 300,000 products and services, and supporting over a million customers. We are constantly live and transform our corporate brand identity into our product portfolio world. Therefore, this guidance is the specific application of our brand identity for the Millipore® portfolio brand.


Strategy 70 vs. 30

We have developed a design and branding strategy to account for:

  • A product/product range communication in the context of the business sector brand and the respective portfolio brand, and
  • A portfolio brand communication in the context of the business sector brand.

With a view to finding the right balance between the brand levels. This strategy will allow us to:

  • Leverage the endorsement from our company as a way to build trust
  • While capitalizing on – and strengthening – our portfolio brands, and
  • Providing the flexibility to communicate (new) product information

The key is to:

  • Identify the hero of the communication, i.e. portfolio brand or product/product range and ensure it gets 70% of the space allocation;
  • Dedicate the remaining 30% to the endorsing brands that are our company brand and the respective portfolio brand.


A weighting is achieved by dividing the document area into 70% campaign and 30% branded area. Using cell shapes and color, a clear division can be made. The weighting is further supported by increasing the size of the portfolio brand logo compared with the company brand logo.


Proper use of brand names

When mentioning the brand name in any copy, please abide by the following guidelines: Always use correct capitalization, spacing and include a superscript registered mark (®).

  • Improper use: millipore
  • Proper use: Millipore®

The brand name should always be used as an adjective with respect to a noun and never as a verb, noun or possessive.

Improper use: 

  • ‘Millipore®, industry-leading products and services‘
  • ‘…brought to you by Millipore®’
  • ‘Millipore® solves the toughest problems in life science’

Proper use: 

  • ‘The Millipore® brand provides industry-leading products and services’

Always use the brand name as it was trademarked and never modify it.

Improper use: 

  • ‘Millipore®’s products solve the…’

Proper use: 

  • ‘Millipore® products solve the…’
  • ‘Brought to you by MilliporeSigma and its Millipore® brand’


our portfolio brand CELLS

We have our own special portfolio brand cells. These patterns can be positioned differently depending on the space they need to fill, but are frequently arranged to look like they’re extending off the page. The negative space between the cells also plays an important role, symbolizing the systems, networks and relationships that are essential to the Millipore® brand. Our portfolio brand cell pattern and our corporate brand cell patterns should never be used together.

The Millipore® Cell Pattern:

  • Varying cell shapes and sizes
  • Both organic and exact, this cell pattern symbolizes the wide range of products and services that the Millpore® brand offers


For the Millipore® brand, we use two colors of our brand: Rich Blue and Vibrant Yellow. As tertiary color Vibrant Magenta, Sensitive Blue, Vibrant Green, Rich Red or Vibrant Cyan can be used.
For general information see colors.


Our Unique And Vibrant Brand Is One Of Our Most Important Assets.

Our brand shows what we stand for and what we offer our patients, customers, partners, as well as future employees. It differentiates us positively from our competition. With our unique brand design and tone of voice, we can tell the world who we are: Curious minds dedicated to human progress. For more information see brand manifesto.

These guidelines are a supplement to our brand identity principles. These portfolio brand identity guidelines are the specific application of our brand identity for the Millipore® brand. Brand-specific design elements are explained on this page. For general information see design basics which consists of the following elements not named above:



When applying our branding to your communication materials, please consider these six elements:


Visit the Portfolio Branding & Strategy EVA Room for more information, or e-mail


Using Company Brand Assets

Any use of Company Brand Assets is subject to our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

Please be aware that Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (“Company”) is not allowed to use the trademark “Merck” in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, Company’s name may only be used in the following format “Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany” and in simple, non-stylized font and never close to any logo in the U.S. and Canada. 

If Company Brand Assets downloaded from the Brand Hub are to be used in or targeting the U.S./ Canada please make sure to comply with these requirements. As a registered Brand Hub user please visit the Brand Hub Logo Section for more detailed information.

If you legitimately share Company Brand Assets with other users, you must make sure that the sharing recipient is aware of these restrictions, our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions as well as any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. 

As the sharing recipient you must ensure with the person sharing the Company Brand Asset with you that you are complying with aforementioned restrictions as well as with any applicable Design Basics and Appendix Guidelines. You are furthermore bound by our Brand Hub Terms and Conditions.

For any questions please get in touch with our Brand Help Desk.


By downloading the file you accept and agree to the above.

Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S. and Canada?
Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


    Our brand is our most important asset. With our unique and vibrant brand design, we differentiate ourselves positively from our competition.

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    With a portfolio of six brands, our mission is to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community.

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