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Our vibrant look

Our products, sent directly to our customers, are key ambassadors of our brand. Our bold brand defines our story and shows customers and partners why we are unique. The design of our packaging visibly sets us apart in the market, bold and vibrant in order to stand out from the competition. It is defined by a flexible system of expressive elements. These guidelines are a supplement to the Design Basics. This guidance clarifies the use of our brand and brand elements related specifically and solely to life science packaging (labels & boxes) and do not refer to product related documentation and marketing/communication materials. Technical support documents are covered in these guideline as they differ from marketing communications documents. 
Some of the principles used to develop these packaging brand guidelines include:

  • Use of the Design Basics for brand elements such as the Vibrant M, Cells, Typography, and Colors.
  • Consistent use of the branding elements for all product and business units.
  • Consistent use of branding elements across boxes and labels, as well as documentation included within the package.


An Exeptional situation

Because of the complexities of our global supply chain, we do not use the MilliporeSigma logo on labels, product packaging, shipping boxes and product related documentation enclosed in product packaging, except in very limited circumstances. This exception, however, does not affect any other collateral to which our brands are affixed, including any marketing/promotional material or communication, as well as product related documentation (except the versions of such documentation which are enclosed in product packaging).

Global U.S. & Canada Outside U.S. & Canada
Products manufactured and distributed globally Products manufactured and distributed in U.S. & Canada only Products manufactured and distributed outside U.S. & Canada only
No company logo + Vibrant M MilliporeSigma logo + Vibrant M Mother company logo + Vibrant M

A COMMON LOOK, A Global Solution

The visual look for the packaging uses elements of both the company brand and the portfolio brands. However, for design brevity, ease of production and to help with brand continuity across material types, the number of brand elements have been purposefully limited. Unlike the branding for marketing, bringing our rich brand to life on our packaging required that we use fewer brand elements that can be easily and consistently be applied onto a wide variety of packaging materials and surfaces across our many operations worldwide. Additionally, the business needs of our product manufacturing and distribution requires maintaining a steadfast packaging branding approach that insulates it from the vicissitudes of product marketing and positioning strategies.


Elements of thE brand

The primary elements from our corporate brand which may be used for all packaging:


Portfolio Brand elements

For product level packaging only, key elements of the portfolio brand (brand logos, brand cells, and lead colors) may be required. Proper application of the portfolio brands is demonstrated under Life Science Labels and Life Science Product Packaging sections.

Limited brand elements

The MilliporeSigma logo is used in exceptional cases when packaging is limited to their geographic area to which they are allowed to be displayed, see Labels.


Brand elements not used on packaging
There are a number of brand elements available to marketing and other business related customer facing materials that are not used on packaging. For design brevity and to help with brand continuity across material types, the following brand elements are excluded from being used for packaging branding:

  • The M-font
  • Photo images
  • Strings and the String M
  • Illustrations

This exception does not apply to any materials or documentation, including product-related electronic documentation available on our websites for customers to view or download.

Sustainability Markings

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our customers with packaging that reduces environmental impact while meeting or exceeding their expectations for product protection, ease of use, product identification and communication of key information. As part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impacts, we have established a sustainable packaging strategy that consists of three key pillars:

  • Optimizing resources
  • More sustainable materials
  • Recapturing value postuse

We have established several goals and related initiatives that support these pillars. In the framework of this strategy, when our products make use of packaging material that is made from fibers coming from certified sustainability sources, or from recycled content or is recyclable, our goal is to communicate this on the packaging when appropriate, in order to inform the user and communicate our commitment to environmental responsibility. This section provides guidance on how to apply the sustainability markings on product and shipping boxes.

Legal NoticeS For Packaging

The Vibrant M and Initial M

Due to exceptional circumstances, the Vibrant M and Initial M are the only brand identifying elements allowed for all packaging applications; boxes, pouches, bags and labels. Save for the exceptions, the MilliporeSigma logo may never appear on any packaging or label. Likewise, any document or material that is associated with the product and goes with the product within the package, may only use the Vibrant M or Initial M. Note, however, that the same document that is available online in our websites for view or download may use MilliporeSigma.


Trademark notices should be written as follows: The [Vibrant or Initial M], Sigma-Aldrich and [if not “Sigma-Aldrich”: portfolio brand] are trademarks of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany or its affiliates.


A copyright notice is required for boxes. The copyright notice should read as follows:

© [year of publication] Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Note: When multiple statements appear together, the copyright statement should begin as a new line. 

Website Address For Packaging

The website address for all packaging must be: – this is the common URL for all packaging of the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, regardless of origin of manufacture. Any URL that contains merck, merckmillipore, emdmillipore, or milliporesigma is not allowed.


Packaging overview

We have many products that require a variety of packaging and label types. From small devices to large process systems, our customers expect our products to be delivered safely with the assurance that the brand they see on the box or label is truly us. Continue below for a deeper dive into the many ways our packaging is branded:


Please contact the packaging team if you have any questions about packaging and packaging design and if you want to design any packaging. All matters requiring coordination with and approval by the packaging team need to be sent via the following e-mail address:

Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S. and Canada?
Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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