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Introduction to labels

The primary purpose of a label is to display important information concerning the product the label is affixed to. The information should be clear and easy to read. The brand is also an important element for the label as it identifies to our customers that the product and the quality it represents is truly us. Therefore, for all labels, every reasonable attempt should be made to accommodate the brand. Labels vary widely in content and style. It is impossible to create specifications for every label required, however, the following examples should provide basic branding guidelines for most cases.



Sustainability Recommendations For Labels

With respect to our Sustainable Packaging Strategy and Goals, all new labels being developed and designed and all existing labels being changed should incorporate the following guidelines: labels should use recycling compatible adhesives, labels should be printed with low VOC inks. More details on this is in the separate Packaging Sustainability Guidelines.


  • Product labels – used directly on the product to identify the product and/or function of that product
  • Product box labels – used on product boxes to identify product specific information
  • Bottle and bag labels – used to identify product content specific information
  • Blister pack label – used to seal the blister pack and identify product specific information


Brand Elements On Labels

The two-color cell style Vibrant M is the primary brand element that identifies our company. The MilliporeSigma logo is generally not used on labels, except in very limited circumstances. Please contact Global Label Management (GLM) or the brand team before applying the MilliporeSigma logo to any label.

  • If there is no portfolio brand associated with the label, any two contrasting Vibrant or Rich colors (non-portfolio brand colors) may be used.
  • If the label is associated with a portfolio brand, the lead color is always used as the front color of the Vibrant M. The supporting color is any brand color appropriate to the product color scheme or portfolio brand.
  • If the application of the two-color Vibrant M is not possible for technical or mechanical reasons, a monochrome Initial M can be used in the primary brand color of the associated portfolio brand.

Other non-brand elements may appear on the label in the darker of the two colors. These may be any desired or required text or symbols.

Primary Brand Elements

The elements common to most branded basic label types are:

  • Vibrant M or Initial M
  • Brand colors lead color if portfolio brand is applied
  • Top color bar (portfolio brand lead color)
  • Portfolio brand wordmark (logo) in its brand cell shape

If the label is associated with a portfolio brand, the lead color is always used as the front color of the Vibrant M. The supporting color is either the secondary (preferred) or tertiary brand color assigned to the product color scheme or portfolio brand.



The use of the three essential elements of the brand for the basic labels are;

  • Vibrant M
  • Color bar
  • Portfolio brand

All three elements should be applied whenever possible to do so. If space does not allow for the application of the portfolio brand, the color bar must still be applied. When one color is used, the Initial M replaces the Vibrant M and the secondary color holding cell is removed.

Basic Label Layouts

Portfolio Branded Labels

Direct Product Labeling
Basic labels that are applied directly onto a product such as a bottle or foil sachet must have the portfolio brand, the color bar, and the Vibrant M. In addition to the brand elements, the label may display the product trade name prominently in larger type and in the colors appropriate to the portfolio brand it is associated with.



Global Harmonized System (GHS) required labels have the same branding as our other labels, but with additional content and regulatory requirements. Any product requiring labeling for hazardous material should be reviewed by Global Label Management (GLM) for proper application and regulatory compliance. You may contact GLM at
The label for the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany products are an integral part of our product marketing strategy. It has a design that supports the premium grade image of our brands and customer awareness of our products. Furthermore, harmonization of labeling increases the recognition value of our products and helps reduce production and handling complexity.

The following brand properties are applied on all GHS required labels (size permitting).

Primary Brand Elements

The basic elements common to most all portfolio branded GHS required labels are:

  • Vibrant M or Initial M
  • Brand colors lead color if portfolio brand is applied
  • Supporting color bar at the top edge
  • Portfolio brand logo in its brand cell shape

The lead and secondary colors for the Vibrant M and the portfolio cells are prescribed and must match each other on the same label. The portfolio brand logo is knocked out (white) against the lead portfolio color. The web address should be the darkest of the two colors used.


Please contact the packaging team if you have any questions about packaging and packaging design and if you want to design any packaging. All matters requiring coordination with and approval by the packaging team need to be sent via the following e-mail address:

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Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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