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Packaging is not just limited to boxes and labels. Our vast array of products sometimes requires unique or specialized containers or protective materials to assure their safe delivery to our customers, or facilitate proper handling during use. The varied materials and configurations of these specialize containers often limits the full application of the brand, at times requiring creative solutions. But always with the goal of having strong commonality with the wider packaging brand strategy.
Regardless of the type of material or the packaging purpose, there should always be as high a brand presence as is achievable. These specialized packages range in size from large containers to small individual packets and sachets, and in almost all cases there is repeated customer interaction with the products contained. No matter its purpose or how unique the packaging, the unmistakable use of the brand sends a strong message of who we are as a company and the trust our customers expect from our products.




Safety carriers are a special type of packaging that contain chemical materials. The base and lid are both made of plastic material may both be white. In some cases the lid may be molded in the same portfolio brand lead color as in the Vibrant M. The positioning of the Vibrant M is approximately centered between the bottom of the carrier to the base of lid lip.

Fiber board drum

Safety carrier brand options brand color or white


Foil Sachets And Containers

Foil sachets may have printing directly on the foil material or will have a label applied to them. They can generally be printed in color and should follow the branding principles used for basic labels. The product name and other content may be printed in color to help identify a particular attribute of the product.


Pouches are used to seal and protect sterile devices and are typically made of a clear plastic film material. Clear pouches may have production related specifications which limits the use of color or the use of more than one color.

Stercup/Stertop pouches

Colors imprinted on foil packet


Please contact the packaging team if you have any questions about packaging and packaging design and if you want to design any packaging. All matters requiring coordination with and approval by the packaging team need to be sent via the following e-mail address:

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