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Our Brand Presence

Branding Elements On Boxes

The package in which our products are contained in is the first indication to a customer who we are as a company and what they can expect from the product they are about to experience. Regardless of the type of material or the packaging purpose, there should always be some brand presence to the customer. There are two basic types of product boxes; product boxes with high brand value and product boxes with lower brand value. Product boxes have the highest visibility with our customers and should show a strong branding presence. The images below show examples of different types of boxes. The use of a label on boxes is always possible and may be an additional branding vehicle for the package.

Keeping An Overall Appearance

The packaging examples you will see in these branding guidelines reflect our intended and expected design. It is essential that the packaging designs keep the same overall impression when implementing these guidelines, by using the same or very similar configuration and allocation of the branding elements in the box as explained and shown in our different variations. Our consistent overall appearance will help in preserving the exclusivity of our box designs and the immediate recognition of our products in the market.


A Brand That Cares
The primary function of our packaging is to assure safe delivery of the product to our customers, however, regardless of the size of the package and the materials required, part of our overall brand strategy we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint for ourselves and the customers we support. As part of our brand voice, the expression of this commitment is always displayed on as many of our product packages as is appropriate.

Sustainability Recommendations For Product Boxes

With respect to our Sustainable Packaging Strategy and goals, new product boxes being developed and existing ones being changed should incorporate certified forestry management sources (FSC, SFI, or PEFC).


Product premium box

Product premium box

Primary Layouts

Primary Layouts For Each Portfolio Brand

The primary layout for the premium type boxes of each portfolio brand is shown on this page as a front panel and side panel. This basic approach should be followed as closely as possible regardless of the size and/or configuration of the box. 

Cell Layout Style Example

Example of a carton layout showing typical graphic elements in the cell layout style.

Cell Pattern Description

Background – white, forward cell pattern – brand lead color, background cells – secondary brand color

Premium Product Box

Product and Package Identification Markings

Product Name Use

The goal for most product boxes is to make them as generic as possible. This is partly achieved by not applying the product name directly onto the box. The long term goal is that, through commonality of design, generic branding will ease production, reduce cost, and create sustainability benefits.

Box Identification Markings

Each box is assigned a specific number. This internal number is referred to as the “Part Number” and it identifies the box as a “Part” for manufacturing and procurement purposes. This Part Number and any revision date (Rev. Date) must always appear on the box.

Sustainability Markings

Sustainability markings such as “Please Recycle” and “Sustainable Forestry Certification” markings are placed on a long or short panel (never on the bottom) in as visible a location as possible.


Corrugated product box, generic

Corrugated product box, product specific

Design Principles

Corrugated Product Boxes

Many products require packing in heavier, more protective, corrugated type materials. Product packaging that is made of corrugated materials must still carry the brand, but due to the limitations of the printing methods, multiple colors and precise registration is not achievable. Therefore corrugated product boxes are printed in black only on kraft-faced corrugated stock.

Product Branding

There are a number of brand and non-brand elements that are applied to most product boxes. The two primary brand elements that identify our product boxes as originating from our corporate brand and must always be used are; the Initial M and the website address (save for a certain line of products). The primary product level brand elements that identify which portfolio brand the product is affiliated with are the portfolio brand wordmark and its associated cell pattern. These elements are applied only in black and at a size and location consistent with the standards set forth in these guidelines. All corrugated product packaging must use kraftfaced (brown) corrugated stock. White stock is not allowed. On all cardboard packaging, only black brand elements are being used, no colors.

Folded Carton Branding

Corrugated Product Box: Style Options

For most folded carton type corrugated product boxes there are two basic styles for branding; Top Panel Pattern and Front Panel Pattern. The larger dimensions of the side and top panels and how the box is folded determines which panel is best to apply the cell pattern cascade on. The wishes of marketing or how the customer is expected to interact with the package may help determine this as well. The Portfolio brand cell pattern “cascade” is normally placed on the dominate panel with the wordmark in one of the cells in the lower right corner area. For corrugated packaging the cell pattern is limited to one panel.

Sustainability Markings

Sustainability markings such as “Please Recycle” and “Sustainable Forestry Certification” markings are placed on a long or short panel (never on the bottom) in as visible a location as possible.


Please contact the packaging team if you have any questions about packaging and packaging design and if you want to design any packaging. All matters requiring coordination with and approval by the packaging team need to be sent via the following e-mail address:

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