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Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Throughout the company, shipping boxes are used extensively everyday to transfer our products from manufacturing sites to distribution centers and then safely delivered to our customers. The brand, correctly and consistently applied, assures the receiver that the products within are genuine and originates from a trusted source.

There are four brand elements that identify our shipping boxes as originating from our corporate brand and must always be used; the Initial M, the Life Science descriptor, the web URL, and the large distinctive cell shape. These elements are applied only in black and at a size and location consistent with the standards set forth in these guidelines. Due to exceptional circumstances, the MilliporeSigma logo is not allowed, nor any legacy company logo (save for a certain line of products).

Our business uses boxes in many different sizes and shapes that must accommodate a variety of products and materials, many of which may be regulated and hazardous. The safe transport of our product is a vital concern and a corporate responsibility. The brand should be applied as consistently as possible in all cases, however, handling and regulatory information required for the proper and safe transport of the product should not be compromised in deference to the brand elements.


Material Of Construction

For all outer shipping or “over pack” boxes and cartons, kraft-face (brown) corrugated is the material of construction. White corrugated is not allowed. Black is the only ink color used for outer shipping boxes and cartons.

Sustainability Recommendations For Shipping Boxes
With respect to our Sustainable Packaging Strategy and goals, new shipping boxes being developed and existing ones being changed should incorporate certified sustainability sources (FSC, SFI, PEFC).

Sustainability Markings

Sustainability markings such as Please Recycle and Sustainable Forestry Certification markings are placed on a long or short panel (never on the bottom) in as visible a location as possible.

Design Principles

Corrugated Shipping Boxes
Many products require packing in heavier, more protective, corrugated type materials. Shipping boxes that are made of corrugated materials must still carry the brand, but due to the limitations of the printing methods, multiple colors and precise registration is not achievable. Therefore corrugated product boxes are printed in black only on kraft-faced corrugated stock.


There are a number of brand and non-brand elements that are applied to most shipping boxes. The two primary brand elements that identify our shipping boxes as originating from our corporate brand and must always be used are; the Initial M and the cell shape with URL. The Life Science business descriptor must also be on the shipping boxes.

Logos Are Not Allowed

The MilliporeSigma logo is generally not used on labels, except in very limited circumstances. The use of a logo on a box must first be approved by head of the brand for the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

Shipping Box Basic Layout

Product and Packaging Identification Markings

Box Identification Markings

Each box is assigned a specific number. This internal number is referred to as the “Part Number” and it identifies the box as a “Part” for manufacturing and procurement purposes. This Part Number and any revision date (Rev. Date) must always appear on the box.

Sustainability Markings

Sustainability markings such as Please Recycle and Sustainable Forestry Certification markings are placed on a long or short panel (never on the bottom) in as visible a location as possible.

Information & handling symbols

Outer Shipping Box Handling And Other Symbols

Handling warning icons are useful for communicating special handling requirements and should be applied on an as need basis. To maintain a consistent look to our packaging, and reduce the dependency on words, a standard style has been created which is clear and recognizable to most viewers worldwide. Additionally, these symbols conform to UN rated packaging standards when required to do so.

Symbols Exclusive To UN Specified
UN rated shipping boxes are a special type of shipping box that requires UN shipping box compliant markings. This includes, but is not limited to, specific up arrows and the UN rating mark. For detailed information about symbols and marking exclusive to UN rated shipping boxes, please refer to your packaging engineering team or contact

Packing Tape

Colors, Design, And Messaging

The number of colors recommended for packing tape is not less than two with an added clear matte or flat protective coating. Our tape is an opportunity to reinforce our bold and vibrant brand. We will use the tape as a messaging vehicle to enhance the brand or key communications messages. The tape can change and guidance will be provided when a tape update is available. The branded packing tape is for outer pack or shipping boxes only, it is not intended for use on product boxes. For sites that have multiple businesses (Healthcare, EMD Electronics), please inquire about message agnostic tape.


Please contact the packaging team if you have any questions about packaging and packaging design and if you want to design any packaging. All matters requiring coordination with and approval by the packaging team need to be sent via the following e-mail address:

Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S. and Canada?
Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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