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Welcome to the SAFC® Portfolio brand pages. Here you can find guidance on delivering every aspect of the SAFC® Brand.

Every brand is made up of a mixture of elements, ranging from the abstract (e.g. personality, essence, tone of voice and conceptual expression) to the functional (e.g. logo, colors, branding elements). These elements all play a vital role in building brands that create trust and loyalty with our customers.

If we think of a brand as a person, what makes that person individual is what they stand for (their purpose), the way they communicate and the way they appear. We must make sure each of these characteristics appear in our brands. This brand handbook includes everything you need to know to ensure every communication truly reflects the SAFC® brand.

Our Customers’ world

In order to build a successful brand, we first need to understand who we need to convince and excite. SAFC® products are widely used in pharma and biopharma drug development and manufacturing. Process Development Scientists, Process Engineers, Manufacturing and Quality Managers, Formulation Scientists and Materials Managers are key decision makers when it comes to purchasing.

So why do they choose the SAFC® brand?
The SAFC® portfolio is all about exacting performance – our customers need a partner who listens to their needs, understands the intricacies of what they do and consistently meet their specific requirements. The SAFC® portfolio provides customized and ready-to-use raw material solutions, backed by deep regulatory, technical and application expertise – because we understand the critical importance of patient safety, security and scalability throughout each step of development to production.

Process Developement Scientist (a. k. a. The Optimizer)
Meet Rick. In his role in a process development lab for a biopharma company, he is concerned with ensuring patient safety, reducing risk and ensuring compliance, consistency, scalability and efficiency.

  • Supports his team to optimize processes and procedures, and successfully transfers them to manufacturing
  • Needs to hit project milestones on time and build a robust, scalable process and validation file that shows the process is reliable and safe
  • Juggles input from R&D, QA/QC and procurement
  • Compares product and service options to identify which will solve his problem most efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Needs to minimize the time it takes to order supplies (organization and planning) – to spend time on process development and optimization
  • Needs to be assured of product purity and requires detailed specifications and documentation 

Rick needs a supplier he can count on for high-quality products / support services who consistently meets his high standards.

What does the SAFC® brand bring to his world?
Product excellence.

Materials Manager (a. k. a. The Negotiator)
Meet Lucy. Price, quality and delivery are very important in her role within a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

  • Identifies suppliers and sources appropriate materials for new manufacturing projects
  • Under pressure to get products in quickly at short notice, manage inventory levels and hit targets for cost reduction and productivity improvements
  • Needs to consider a range of factors – quality, price, service level – and negotiate before deciding upon a longterm supplier partnership
  • Requires detailed specifications and documentation for all products
  • Must ensure all materials meet specifications and comply with quality and regulatory requirements
  • Works within small team, but has a large group of stakeholders to satisfy

Lucy needs to keep the manufacturing departments happy by sourcing products and services that meet their specific requirements. She is looking for expert partners with high quality products, strong and responsive customer support and deep technical and regulatory expertise.

What does the SAFC® brand bring to her world?

A knowledgeable, adaptive partner.

Formulation Scientist (a. k. a. The Creator)
Meet Arthur. His role involves developing new formulations and he needs very specific materials that he knows will meet high standards and perform exactly as he expects.

  • Needs to ensure drug efficacy and quality, as well as patient safety and regulatory compliance
  • Requires in-depth information and certification for every product he uses
  • Must hit safety, quality and performance targets quickly and efficiently
  • Needs to stay abreast of best practices and new technologies that can help him solve formulation challenges

Arthur needs an experienced partner with strong technical, regulatory and application expertise, and a rich portfolio of products and services for formulation and drug delivery.

What does the SAFC® brand bring to his world?
Reassuring high quality and compliance.


For pharma and biopharma drug developers and manufacturers. The SAFC® Brand is your trusted raw material and regulatory expert that provides standard or customized solutions to meet your client’s unique needs, while always minimizing risk and ensuring patient safety. That offers exacting performance. Because:

  • Our experienced and knowledgeable teams leverage deep industry and regulatory expertise to guide clients to a raw material solution that meets their precise goals
  • Our provision of secure, consistent, risk-mitigated raw materials and forward-looking regulatory expertise and documentation minimizes risk and accelerates speed to market
  • We offer easy and reliable access to an extensive portfolio of high quality raw material products and services that are consistent, compliant and easy to use

The SAFC® brand essence is exacting performance.

Our Elevator Sell

Great work reaches its target, precisely.

Consistently explaining who we are and what we stand for helps to build understanding with all audiences. Our elevator sell is one tool we can use to do this. You can edit the language depending on the context, but keep the idea the same.

“Bringing pharma and biopharma products to market requires a trusted raw materials expert who can support you with exactly the products, services and expertise you need. That’s why MilliporeSigma created the SAFC® portfolio of custom and ready-to-use, critical raw material solutions. Our products and services are backed by an experienced and responsive team with deep technical, quality and regulatory expertise who can tailor solutions to precisely fit your process.”

Or if you need a shorter version:

“The SAFC® portfolio offers customized and ready-to-use raw material solutions, backed by deep regulatory expertise. Our high-quality products and services are supported by an experienced and responsive team of raw material and regulatory experts who are committed to understand your requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet your exact needs.”

Our Personality

Every word, expertly chosen.

The personality of the SAFC® brand is that of an accommodating expert. This means that we are knowledgeable and adaptable by nature, constantly working to ensure we understand and respond to the needs of all our customers.

That means speaking in a tone of voice that is:

  • Knowledgeable and assuring

    Linking product/brand attributes back to customer benefits.
  • Clear and consistent
Avoiding jargon and overly complex wording.
  • Approachable and collaborative
    Including our support capabilities and the availability of flexible, tailored solutions.

How do we ensure we speak consistently?

See corporate tone of voice.


Great work reaches its target, precisely

Our key messages for the SAFC® offer are divided into three key clusters based on the brand’s attributes and our understanding of customer needs: ‘collaborative partner who caters to your needs’, ‘trusted experts in raw materials’ and ‘go-to source for critical raw materials’.

*Messages with the little star sign include efficiency messages​


Using Company Brand Assets

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For any questions please get in touch with our Brand Help Desk.


By downloading the file you accept and agree to the above.

Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S. and Canada?
Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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