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Every day, we bring brilliant ideas to life ─ radically transforming the healthcare and technology industry in the process. Mirroring the view from under a microscope, our tradeshow space is bold yet orderly. After stepping inside, visitors will get a glimpse of our brand ─ a place where discovery happens daily and where we advance technologies for life. This guide uses visual examples to illustrate the different ways we speak to our audiences; featuring examples that show corporate, portfolio, and multiple brand executions.


Portfolio Brand Elements

Corporate Branding Trade Show Guidance
This guidance is based on our corporate trade show guidance. On Life Science level there are further explanations or descriptions with handling of the portfolio brand elements as well as in the interaction with each other and the corporate design basics for trade show appearances.

For more information refer to the respective portfolio brands:

Branding Hierarchy

Life Science / Corporate Focus

This is an example of an exhibit at the Life Science level, and does not focus on product.

Segment / Multi-Brand Focus

This example shows multiple portfolio brands for exhibits that feature multiple product portfolios. The cell patterns are Life Science level, but simplified ─ meaning only one layer of cells. The colors used must work well with the portfolios being featured. This approach is necessary when using more than one portfolio, as combining multiple portfolio cell shapes on the same panel or backdrop is not allowed.

Portfolio Focus

This example shows the Millipore portfolio brand identity elements in use. This approach would be used for shows that heavily feature a single portfolio.


Large BoOth

Brand Hierarchy

Our logo and Vibrant M as the overarching identity for the booth at the highest level (1). The closet can feature an overarching booth message that speaks to the audience attending the show, or as in this example, promote a campaign that explains our portfolio offerings (2). In areas that feature product, individual panels feature the portfolio brands (3).


Brand Use In Smaller Footprints

The general approaches shown on the brand categories section will also apply in smaller exhibits. Exhibits of all sizes can feature one of these three different approaches:

  • Life Science / corporate focus
  • Segment / multi-brand focus
  • Portfolio brand focus

In smaller booth spaces heavily promoting portfolio offerings, place the corporate logo on areas such as tablecloths and welcome tables. This establishes our identity at the company level. The portfolio logos and identity elements are then placed with content promoting products and services.

Immunology conference (virtual event) featuring a single portfolio brand, using the existing global biomarker campaign

PharmaTec Series (virtual event) featuring Lanexo Digital Innovation, which is not associated with a portfolio brand


Whenever we use our business logo MilliporeSigma in the U.S. or Canada, we must always include the following phrases (also known as “descriptor”):

  • MilliporeSigma is the U.S. and Canada Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

When all three business logos (EMD Serono, MilliporeSigma, and EMD Electronics) are used, make sure to use the following descriptor:

  • The businesses of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany operate as EMD Serono, MilliporeSigma, and EMD Electronics in the U.S. and Canada.

For specific rules when applying the descriptors, please look here.

Creating deliverables for outside of the U.S. and Canada?
Then go to our Additional Information section and find general information for creating deliverables for outside U.S. and Canada there.


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